Ways of Giving

Fiscal donations may be delivered in person, or by mailing in a check or money order. However, you can give in many ways other than fiscally. ATG gladly accepts volunteers who are willing to commit their time and efforts to ATG. Please contact us for more information if you are interested. Our email address is Donations@atglearningacademy.com. In addition, we have different fundraising programs that run through the course of the year. Please feel free contact us for a complete list of ways that ATG Learning Academy accepts donations.

What Your Donations Buy

Donations are, generally, directly applied to the educational programs for students of ATG. Donated funds also go towards the school’s upkeep, maintenance, scholarship programs, and extracurricular activities. We hold goal-oriented fundraisers when these needs arise

Wish List

2019 Donation Wishlist

Head phones that cover the ears
MP3 players
Dry erase markers
White board erasers
Cans of electronic duster
Swingline™ GBC CombBind C20 Binding System, 330 Binding Sheets, 20 Punching Sheets (7706172) or similar
Plastic Comb Binding Spines, Black, 1/2″ Diameter, 90 Sheets, 100/Pack (52326) or similar
National Industries® Easel Pads, 50 Sheets, Ruled, White, 27″H x 34″W or similar
Manila Reinforced Pre-Printed Project Jackets, Legal, 2″ Expansion, 50/Box or similar
3-5 Cases (1,000) Paper for Copy machines 81/2 by 11
Red felt tip pens
White printer paper (8×11)
Black ball point pens
Paint and painting supplies
New desktop computers and laptops
Storage cabinets for classrooms and multipurpose room


Did you know that your business can donate to ATG Learning Academy and earn tax credits? You can help ATG Learning Academy through the PA EITC/OSTC program. Learn More.