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About the Arrowsmith Program-Now available in school and on line

The Arrowsmith Program is a suite of cognitive programs designed to address a series of cognitive functions underlying a range of specific learning difficulties. The programs target several areas of cognitive functioning involved in learning.

Each cognitive program has a series of intensive and graduated tasks designed to address a specific area of cognitive functioning. The goal of the Arrowsmith Program is to identify and strengthen a series of weak cognitive areas that affect learning, and each student works on cognitive programs that are individually designed for their areas of learning difficulty.

All students enrolled at ATG are taking cognitive exercises. Each student gets an initial learning profile and is assigned Arrowsmith courses accordingly.

Upon completion of the program, the student’s increased learning capacities support efficient and effective self-directed learning.

We encourage you to call us about the Arrowsmith Program with more than 40 years of neuroscience results.

The Arrowsmith Program deals with the root causes of a learning disability, rather than managing its symptoms.

All full-time K-12 students will have a tailored Arrowsmith Program created for them.

Part-Time Arrowsmith Programs for Adults Also Available

We also offer part-time programs for students and adults who may not be able to enroll in the full time day program. Learn more about our Adult Programs here »

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Symbol Relations Cognitive Enhancement (SRCE):
A Brain Training Program for All Ages

Arrowsmith’s SRCE program is designed for children and adults who seek to strengthen brain function through structured cognitive exercises.
Students may see progress in their ability to...
  • Process concepts across all academic disciplines
  • Comprehend and quickly grasp what is read and heard
  • Gain insight
  • Reason logically
  • See connections between ideas
  • Process complex relationships such as cause and effect
  • Reason mathematically
ATG creates a supportive environment through...
  • Individual Attention: All students of the SRCE Program are paired with an ATG educator certified in Arrowsmith. We guarantee a positive, supportive, structured environment that fosters tangible progress toward all goals.
  • Flexible Scheduling: The total time commitment of the program is four hours per week over a ten-week period. We work with students individually to determine a plan that fits with their schedule.
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