The idea for ATG Learning Academy started in 2005, inside of a tutoring facility. The facility catered to children who were home schooled, and only a few classes were offered, including math, history, and science.

The tutoring facility and its staff knew that the next step in the school’s evolution process was to become a Licensed Private Academic School that specialized in children with learning disabilities. The Pennsylvania State Board of Private Academic Schools in Harrisburg approved this license for ATG Learning Academy on October 24, 2005. in Elementary, grades 1 through 8; Secondary, grades 9 through 12; Special Education, grades 1 through 12 and Learning Disabled.

Time and experience has helped shape and define the core values of ATG. Low student-to-teacher ratios promote individual classroom attention. Specialized programs such as the Wilson Reading System aid in educating students with disabilities like dyslexia. A full curriculum was created to meet PA Department of education guidelines, and, finally, a diploma program is now offered. ATG moved to a new home in 2007, and it has been in Warminster ever since.

Currently, ATG is a Licensed Private Academic School that specializes in students with language-based learning disabilities. These differences include, but are not limited to ADHD, dyslexia, dysgraphia, and central auditory processing. ATG offers a low student-to-teacher ratio to give students the individual attention they need to succeed. Our dedicated staff continually attends courses and workshops to learn the latest in teaching methods that address student’s learning differences.