This is the story and work of a remarkable woman. Though she began life severely learning disabled, she built herself a better brain and a brain training program that has helped thousands of others do the same. In the past five years, the idea that self-improvement can happen in the brain has caught hold and inspired new hope. Now, thanks to brilliant path breakers such as Barbara, rather than worrying about how our brains shape us, we can focus on shaping our brains.Young’s work is one of the first examples of the extensive and practical application of “neuroplasticity.” As the individuals described in this book change their brains, readers see how the brain works and what a profound impact improved mental capacity has on how we can participate in the world. Here her personal story is interwoven with fascinating accounts of the clinical mysteries and triumphant stories that Barbara has encountered during her career. Take a peak of what is being said about the book – The Women Who Changed Her Brain