Private School Placement SSAT/ISSA
SAT, ACT & PSAT Prep Courses

One Time Refresher Prep

 An Effective Refresher Tool.
 Improve Scores.
 All Content is Reviewed.
 Excellent Methods are Taught.

SAT/ACT Application and Feedback given.
6 Hours of Instruction – $390

Minimal Practice Prep

 Practice and Review.
 Achieve Self Assurance.
 Obtain Speed and Accuracy.
 Gain an understanding of the effective methods taught.
 Test Apprehension Reduced.
 Develop Powerful Positive Mindset.

Practice SAT/ACT Test Administered
12 Hours of Instruction – $500

Advanced Prep

 More Time for Questions and Answers.
 More Prep Before the Practice SAT/ACT Test.
 Increase Scores.
 Subject Matter Intense.
 Focused on Methods Used to Succeed.
 Centered on Practice.

Practice SAT/ACT Test Administered
18 Hours of Instruction – $610

Maximum Prep

2 SAT/ACT Tests are examined and broken down, so the student understands what answer would be the best choice. This is the best preparation to give the student the ability to get the highest score.

 Maximum Value.
 Extended Practice Means Exceptional Scores.

24 Hours of Instruction – $720
30 Hours of Instruction – $915