Kathleen Smookler
Kathleen Smookler, Founder & Head of School since 2003.
Karen Suplee
Dean of Students, Director of Summer Programming, Karen has a Bachelor’s Degree from Temple University and a Master of Education Degree from Holy Family. Her goal is to help support the students at ATG to Achieve Their Goals.
Ryan Torres
Ryan Torres, is a Kutztown University graduate. He teaches Arrowsmith and Wilson. He enjoys using his skills to ensure that ATG continues to help children with learning difference become lifelong learners. He has been at ATG since 2013.
Kathy Norek
 Kathy Norek graduated from Indiana University of Pennsylvania and received a Master’s of Education from Widener University to become a Teacher of Mathematics. Kathy Norek has taught at ATG since 2008.
David Howell
David Howell graduated from Green Mountain College and is ATG’s resident historian. He teaches History, Science and English. Mr. Dave has been a proud teacher of the students at ATG Learning Academy since 2009.
Shelley Brownstein
Shelley Brownstein is a Speech Language Pathologist licensed by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Ms. Brownstein specializes in treating the areas of auditory processing and language learning deficits.  Ms. Brownstein believes strongly in the team process here at ATG Learning Academy since 2007.
Rachel Oakley
Rachel Oakley graduated from Temple University. She teaches English, Tesol, Communications, Arrowsmith Program and the Cellfield Program. Her favorite thing about teaching at ATG is working with the incredibly caring and motivated students. Rachael Oakley has been teaching at ATG since 2011.
Gail Hillman
Gail Hillman, Administrative Assistant, graduated from Nassau Community College with an Associate’s Degree in Marketing.  She brings over 25 years of experience that works to provides staff support in a broad variety of areas that helps to make a successful learning environment.
Jared Horsch
Jared Horsch, Chief Operating and Development Officer, graduated from Bucks County Community College with an Associate’s Degree in Pre-Allied Health.
Mary Hull
Mary Hull is a nationally certified School Psychologist with state certifications in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New Hampshire. She has an extensive background working with students with learning disabilities.
Julie Druzak
Julie Druzak, graduate of Temple University, teaches Gym and Health for ATG Learning Academy.